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In the early stages of planning my wedding, I didn't necessarily see a need for a wedding planner because I thought I could handle the planning myself and delegate day of details to friends and family. Ultimately, I hired Stephanie because I didn't want to sweat the day of details and Stephanie came highly recommended to me. Looking back, I realize that it would not have been half the wedding without Stephanie's help and hiring her was the best money I spent on my entire wedding. My husband and I felt that she was the glue that held our wedding day together. She flawlessly coordinated with all of my vendors (our nontraditional caterer, DJ, officiant, bartenders, photographer, videographer, baker, florist, hair/makeup dresser, and numerous friends and family). She also collected all of my decor a week before the wedding and decorated my venue so beautifully (she even decorated my chalk boards)! I recently attended a wedding that did not run as smoothly, and was able to recognize even more so how great of a job Stephanie did for us. She's personable, organized, efficient, and keeps everything throughout the day on time so you can sit back and enjoy. I highly recommend Stephanie Kuhn to anyone getting married, and will be recommending her to all of my friends planning a wedding for years to come. She truly is amazing!

— Kendra and Steve,  Englewood, Colorado

One of the most important things I did for my wedding was hire Stephanie to be my “day-of” coordinator.  Actually, I highly believe hiring Stephanie was the most important thing!  She helped so much to ensure everything from the ceremony to the reception went smoothly.  Honestly, I did not realize all that goes into planning a wedding!  I thought I had it all under control, until I started working with Stephanie and realized all of the decisions that needed to be made!  And really, unless you have planned a wedding before, you do not anticipate all of the minute details that go into coordinating your dream day.  Stephanie’s expertise was invaluable and I don’t know what I would have done without her.  She is a joy to work with; so knowledgeable and sweet, and truly interested in the vision you have for your wedding.  She knows how to make it all happen and what needs to be in place from one detail to the next.  If you think about it, a wedding is like a really long theatrical play, and you sure as heck wouldn’t put on a show without having someone behind the scenes!  Stephanie goes above and beyond for all of her clients.  She met with me multiple times before the wedding to discuss everything and she offered unlimited email communication as well, which is when a lot of the last minute stuff fell into place!  Thank you Stephanie, for all you did to ensure that my husband and I have a day to remember for the rest of our lives.  You are wonderful and any bride who hires you has a true treasure!

 — Andrea and John, Denver, Colorado

Stephanie made our wedding day seamless! Being in the industry myself I expected everything to be perfect and it was. She went above and beyond just the day of coordination we hired her for. She constantly checked in to see my progress and even came with me to Vail just to take a look at the venue because she hadn't been there before. On our wedding day rain delayed the arrival of vendors. Stephanie made the appropriate adjustments before I even knew about it. Besides being very detailed and organized, she is a kind and caring person. She always made me feel like I was the most important bride. The wedding only lasted a day but my relationship with Stephanie is ongoing. If you are looking to hire a planner Bella Notte is the right decision!

— Sophia and Tom, Westminster, Colorado

First of all, any bride who thinks they don't need a coordinator is nuts. Second, having your friends coordinate is a stressful disaster waiting to happen. Having mom's run around crazy, bride, MoH stress, it's tough and then harder to enjoy the experience. It's suppose to be the best day ever.

Having said that, you want a coordinator that you can trust, is responsive, knows their way around vendors, and genuinely care and enjoy you and their job.

I feel extremely fortunate to have found Stephanie via my photographer. I can't imagine the insanity that would have occurred without her. My mother and his would have exploded. Albeit, they were insulted to not be involved with set up. Instead, I had a makeup artist come in and make them up. Stephanie pulled every little detail I could possibly imagine together. When it was time to relinquish control, I knew I could trust her and it would all be ok.

Again, Stephanie was amazing. I enjoyed her company and professionalism - and I even have a new friend. 

— Danielle and Cameron, Broomfield, Colorado

We want you to know that you made our wedding a truly special experience and I know it wouldn’t have been nearly as amazing without you.  Your care, attention organization and grace were unprecedented.  Your experience and attentiveness allowed Nic and me to just sit back, relax and enjoy our day despite the little hiccups.  Whenever we get asked about the wedding we always say we couldn't have done it without you!  Thank you so much for everything!  We cannot express our gratitude enough, you will always be a part of our story.

— Cara and Nic, Denver, Colorado

Stephanie was the glue that held our wedding together. We had an all-day event (morning ceremony, brunch reception, and evening BBQ) at 3 different locations with a lot of pieces and components – Stephanie was a huge lifesaver and was an incredible day-of coordinator. She helped manage all of the facets of the day and kept everything on track. Her calming presence made the day seem way less stressful than expected. Throughout the planning process, she was an awesome sounding board for ideas and was a tremendous help in organizing and managing all of the little details of our all-day event. We spent months and months trying to figure out something for our sendoff after the reception, but we were restricted in what we could use (no rice, no petals, etc.). We decided not to use anything – ironically, it rained during our brunch reception and Stephanie had brought a bunch of white umbrellas, which doubled for the rain and awesome send-off photos! It honestly would not have been the amazing wedding it was without Stephanie – she was incredible!

— Brynne and David, Parker, Colorado

We feel so fortunate to have had Stephanie as our wedding coordinator.   She came highly recommended from a coworker who felt just as grateful for Stephanie’s talents as we do.   This was a first marriage for my husband and me and, being a middle-aged couple, we wanted something that was fitting for our age range and tastes.   Stephanie made wonderful suggestions all along the way and guided me in planning our wedding with an expert touch.   She thought of the little things all the while making sure the big things were being addressed.   She had inside knowledge and first-hand experience of working with all the best venues in the area and the best vendors.   She had a broad and deep understanding of wedding etiquette and traditions and was able to keep us informed while at the same time freeing us to make the event uniquely our own.   We had a particularly challenging moment when our wedding venue was flooded out the weekend prior to our wedding.   Stephanie remained calm in the frantic flurry of it all handling not only my concerns but those of several other weddings she was coordinating at the same time.   She gracefully managed temperaments and difficult personalities with skill and our wedding went off without a hitch.   I am still hearing compliments on how beautiful our wedding was almost a year later.   We recommended Stephanie to another coworker and were fortunate to have attended that wedding as well.   Again the rain came and the ceremony was moved inside and again it was just perfect.   We feel very confident in recommending Stephanie and her team at Bella Notte Weddings based on her professionalism, knowledge and warmth.
— Christine and Mark, Golden, Colorado
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...You, from the beginning, you made the planning experience enjoyable for Nathan and I. You had a wonderful list of vendors that made it so easy for us to make decisions and trust that they were the best choices for our wedding day. You were so helpful in my own tense moment with the wedding dress alterations and calming my fear of having the dress altered perfectly and in time! Your coordination of our wedding day was seamless and allowed us to truly enjoy the entire day and not have to worry about any details. We truly feel blessed that you were apart of our special day and not only found a fabulous planner but a wonderful friend in the process!”
— Katie and Nathan, Littleton, Colorado
As mother of the bride, I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and support for our daughter’s wedding.  You gave us so many ideas and suggestions, kept us on track with schedules and timelines, saved us money with your recommendations and gave me the best gift of all – the day with my daughter, knowing that I didn’t need to worry about a thing because you’d take care of it to perfection, which you did!   You do an amazing job and it’s obvious you love what you do by the dedication, creativity, energy and passion you put into every detail.   We wouldn’t have had the incredible day we had without your help.   Thanks again! 
— Julie and Ron, Erie, Colorado
We can’t thank Steph enough for the exceptional planning she did for our wedding. We still have friends & family telling us how beautiful it was. Her attention to details and her organization was amazing!! She was professional, passionate, and overall a great person to work with. Thank You again Steph!
— Liz and Drew, Westminster, Colorado
Stephanie was fantastic and made sure everything was perfect the day of my wedding! She handled all stressful situations so I could enjoy the wedding party and the excitement of getting ready. I am so happy she was part of our special day!
— Dawn and Jeremy, Littleton, Colorado
Thank you so much for a fabulous wedding beyond our dreams! We were lost in a sea of wedding magazines, business cards, websites, and a lot of confusion. Luckily we found Stephanie and she made it all come together. We started with a sit down session with Stephanie. She listened to what we wanted, and offered her expert insight to make it even better! We got our dream wedding! Stephanie keeps a huge portfolio of all the best wedding vendors and she has great relationships with all of them. Because of these relationships, your wedding can have the best DJ, the best band, the best food, the best cake, the best venue/location, the best of everything…And you’ll still stay on budget! Nothing can replace a true professional to help make sure every tiny detail is taken care of. You can take a chance and plan your wedding on your own, or you can guarantee the best of all worlds and let Stephanie help you! It’s tremendous what Stephanie can do!
Thank you for everything!
— Ashley and Jarod, Denver, Colorado
Thank you so much! You are truly an amazing, tasteful, professional, well organized and caring wedding planner. You worked so hard on everything and handled every detail so well from the beginning to the end. You gave us everything we asked for and a lot more. Our guests and us were all amazed how perfect the escort cards were you made, and that’s just one of many things you created for our wedding! On our weeding day we didn’t even have to worry about one single item except to enjoy our big day because you took such great care of us. You made our wedding a warm, happy, inviting and loving event. It was exactly how we wanted it and we received so many compliments from our guests. It truly was a great experience working with you! We don’t know how to thank you for what you’ve done for us, but we will be very happy to recommend you to any future brides!
— Lei and Justin, Denver, Colorado
I got married a little over a month ago, and to be honest it was the perfect day. From the big details like the catering company, to the small items, like what the table linens we are going to pick, it was all flawless. I was overwhelmed with the idea of planning this entire day on my own. I am usually a great planner but this day was VERY important to me and my fiancé and we wanted it to be fun and wanted it to go smoothly. The less stressed on the day of the wedding the better! So we collaborated and decided to recruit some help. That is where Stephanie came into play. Stephanie was the most helpful person that I could have asked for to help with the planning of our day. I told Stephanie what I wanted and the budget that we needed to stay within (she even helped create a budgeted for us) and she went to work! She found us AMAZING options for every kind of item needed for a wedding (food, linen, DJ) and helped me pick what I felt was the best option and what I wanted. She implemented every little request I had and all the details (there are more than you think!) fell right into place. She kept us grounded and level headed through the entire process and made sure that we were happy with every decision we made. She spoke with all the vendors on our behalf and got all the price quotes for us, got them scheduled and help us keep on track for our payments. We could have NEVER planned such a beautiful and enjoyable day without her help and guidance. She was a wealth of knowledge and ideas. We are eternally grateful for the love and patients she brought to our wedding day. I will recommend her to anyone that asks. She was invaluable!
— Miranda and Collin, Commerce City, Colorado
Our wedding was beyond successful and we have you to thank for it! The venue had been booked, most of the vendors had been hired, and invitations were out...but something was missing...the patient and knowledgeable goddess to put it all together. And then we found you! I thought that a wedding specialist might make things go a little bit easier, but we had no idea just how smoothly everything would run under your careful watch. I literally did not have a single concern prior to or during the wedding because of you. The venue looked perfect (especially with your extra touches!), the vendors were taken care of, and we knew where to be and when. You really went above and beyond before, during, and after the wedding (the hotel room was lovely!) It was wonderful! Our guests are still talking about how much they enjoyed themselves and wonder how we put everything together so seamlessly...the answer is simple...Stephanie and Bella Notte!!
— Allison and Louis, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
It was a complete and utter joy to work with you on our wedding!  We hardly know where to begin our thank you’s!  So many of our guests commented on how lovely the ceremony was and how well guests were treated – one guest even said that our wedding set the bar for how all weddings should be – and we owe a great debt of thanks to you for making the day’s events so flawless.  From the lovely altar bouquets and décor, to the votives and cocktail table roses – the simple elegant beauty of it all was just magical.  We would not have had some of the extra touches we did without your help on wedding arts and crafts day – so fun to spend time with you!  We were also quite delighted with the special touches you added to our room at the Ritz – truly above and beyond!  We’ve really felt like we had more than a coordinator by our sides these last few months – you have been a real friend.  Thank you for pulling it all together.  It has truly been a joy to work with you and we would be happy to provide a glowing recommendation for you to any of your future brides.  We hope that this will somehow tell you how much we appreciated everything you did for us in making out day the most perfect day!
— Lisa and Gary, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Stephanie was instrumental in carrying out and planning our wedding. She made the entire planning process easier, and checked-in often on what we needed. She provided referrals and helped us in getting the best deals. I am someone who is very detail-oriented and organized, and even I realized I could not plan an event of this magnitude. Stephanie was always there to help. She was at the rehearsal and made sure everything made sense to everyone. On the day of the wedding, there were many time constrictions and not a lot of flexibility, and Stephanie made sure that they day ran smoothly and that everything happened on time. She made sure everyone was where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there. At the end of the night, there was a limo snafu, courtesy of my father, and the limo didn’t show up! Stephanie called the company and made sure we were able to get back to our hotel. She even put a little gift for us in the car and made sure we didn’t have to worry about cleanup! Thanks, Stephanie!
— Katie and Nick, Denver, Colorado